Dear visitor!

Welcome to my personal Homepage!

I hope you will enjoy it and give me a friendly feedback - maybe by
using the "Gästebuch" (guestbook). If you want, you can write me an E-Mail - the
button is placed in the "Menü". Hopefully, I am able to give you
some information with this site. The construction of the site is
allways in progress.

Here some information about me: I`m born in Germany/Bayern in 1976.
A picture of me could be found if you click the "Person"
button in the menu.
I grow up and live here. My interests and hobbies are:
Music (all kind of music, mostly I
listen to electronic-music), running, do triathlon and HIIT - klick the "SPORTS"-button in menu for more info) and
dancing (must be!). I only speek english (-and that could be better)
and german.

If you click the button "Music" in the menu, you will see some
old school music which I like.
The button "SAVE EARTH" is important and shows what everyone can do for this planet!

Thanks for visiting my website.

(And thanks to Nora/Singapore for make the English-words better!)



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